My Vape is Clogged

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Because distillate is viscous, clogging can occur occasionally for cartridges and disposables. On top of that, there may be other factors (shipping, temperatures, etc) that may contribute to your vape clogging. In this article, we're going to explain how you can fix it or initiate a replacement request if it can't be remedied.

Why Do Vapes Clog?

Vapes may often clog because of temperature differences. For example, when the cartridges or disposables are filled, the oil is extremely warm. As they settle, the cooling of the distillate may cause the oil to rise up the mouthpiece and harden. This creates a bubble, which clogs the device. 

Mishandling of the products during shipping may also contribute to this issue. Because we can't control the temperature of the inside of the trucks, this means there is a possibility your vape may clog while it's on its way to you.

How Do I Fix it?

There are some fixes that may or may not fix your clogged vape. The most common way to unclog your disposable or cartridge is inhaling as hard as you can until you feel or hear a pop. Usually, after the pop, your vape will work as normal.

Alternatively, you can try applying heat to the mouthpiece area of your device. Whether it's using a hairdryer on low heat (be extremely careful not to overheat the battery) or warming it up with your hands, adding heat can often make the oil runny enough to unclog it.

Another common way of fixing a clogged vape is blowing through the opposite end of the device. This only works for disposable vapes, though. When you see smoke coming out of the mouthpiece, you know that you've unclogged it.

What if I Can't Unclog it?

If you've tried everything, and your vape still won't unclog, submit a ticket to us, and we'll make things right for you as soon as we can. All that we ask is that you provide proof (image or video) of your clogged vape, and we'll take care of the rest!

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